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Direct Mail Services

Our Full-Service Direct Mail Services integrate 6 crucial stages to creating an effecting postcard marketing Campaign

1. Strategic planning

We can help you strategize a plan. Important question to consider: What is the main goal for your Direct Mail Campaign? What is your direct mail budget and quantity? Let us determine your mailing list? What are you offering to your customers and what is the call to action?

2. Mailing List and Data Solutions

Whether you need a highly targeted or saturated mailing list, we can provide the perfect list that meets your needs. Types of lists we provide include: consumer lists, business lists, residential lists, and other specialized lists.

3. Postcard Design

We have a team of strong professional graphic designers that take your postcard design very serious. As part of our process, we would provide you with a short survey to complete to help our designers understand overall objective. We offer unlimited revisions, because it is important to us you are completely satisfied.

4. High Quality Printing

We use state-of-the-art printing presses to ensure you the highest quality print possible. Print quality is a high priority for us, and we understand how important it is to maximize response rates for your business.

5. Variable Data Print (Optional)

Increase your response rates with personalized postcards. We offer the ability to create targeted and relevant postcards for each recipient.  Mix and match messages and images. The options for VDP are virtually endless.

6. Address, Presorting, and Mailing

Utilizing your mailing list that we can provide (or you provide us), we will address, presort, and mail to your prospects. As part of our presorting service, we ensure you highly discounted bulk mail postage rates.

Why Choose DataPrint Works?

Dataprint works will prioritize your Company as if it was our own. We want to ensure you a full-service and seamlessly easy postcard direct mail experience. This includes helping you plan your campaign, provide you with an effective mailing list, deliver a strong postcard design, ensure high quality printing, and mail to your potential customers.

We will provide you with around the clock customer support. Your business will be handled exclusively by one Senior Account manager, which will work with you during every-step. We will always put your business first as if you are our only customer, this is our promise.

We understand that your business needs constant and measurable postcard marketing result. This is why we also offer a special mailing strategy that enables you to fully customize your Postcard mailing schedule. This mailing strategy is to help ensure you receive consistent, measurable, and even response rates from your potential customers.

This program is designed to be budget friendly, allowing you to take advantage of lower priced high quantity rates, and spreading payments evenly over the number of weeks you choose.  Furthermore, the program does not require a commitment, which means that schedules can be modified or dropped at any time.

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